1914 Original WWI Kerchief


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A Souvenir of the Great War – A fine piece of WWI ephemera

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A piece of linen printed with 28 portraits of heads-of-state and political and military leaders, mostly from England and the Commonwealth countries, but also including those from allied countries: France, Belgium, Serbia, Russia and Japan.

The central motif represents Britain’s pact with Belgium; Britain promised to aid Belgium if her neutrality was breached; the signed Pact document is superimposed over flags of the Allied nations. A scrap of paper, the German Chancellor von Bethman-Hollweg’s derisive remark about the Pact, is printed next to the document with an arrow pointing toward it! In true English form, arching above and below the document, are the phrases Liberty & Peace and Our Word Our Bond.

Portraits of Lord Kitchener, General Joffre, Grand Duke Nicholas, and General French, the top British, French and Russian military leaders, are printed above the Pact. The remaining portraits form a border around the cloth; moving clockwise from the right corner, they are: King of Servia [sic], Czar of Russia, General Botha, Gen. Smith Dorrien, Gen. D. Henderson, Gen. Allenby, Col. Sam Hughes, King of Belgium, General Le Man, Lord Landsdowne, Rear Admiral Beatty, Hon. Winston Churchill, Lord Fisher, Admiral Jellicoe, Gen. Douglas Haig, Sir Edward Grey, Pres. Poincare, Hon. A. Bonar Law, Hon. H. H. Asquith, Lord Roberts, Maharajah of Behar, Viceroy of India, King George V, Mikado.

Another piece held in the National War Museum, Canberra.

Dimensions 64 × 49 cm
Dimensions with Mount

80 x 65cm




Printed in sepia, red, blue and yellow, and mounted on mat board; the cloth is lightly age-toned, but all printed colours are bright. A very fine example.

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