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This original hand coloured lithograph is taken from A System of Anatomical Plates of the Human Body, accompanied with Descriptions and Physiological, Pathological and Surgical Observations. Early in his career John Lizar’s F.R.S. E. after serving as a military surgeon became partner to the prominent anatomist and surgeon John Bell (1763 1820), his former tutor. He later became Robert Liston’s colleague at the Royal Infirmary and was Professor of Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. He was a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and corresponding member of the Medical Society of Emulation in Paris. He is most renowned for his work, ‘A SYSTEM OF ANATOMICAL PLATES OF THE HUMAN BODY, accompanied with Descriptions and Physiological, Pathological and Surgical Observations’, a very modern anatomical volume, for its time. Earlier anatomical works had shown dissected figures as though alive, set within landscapes or demonstrating the tools and process of dissection and observation. His work showed the anatomical structures in stunning hand coloured etchings engraved by his brother, William Home Lizars (1788-1859). The illustrations engraved by William, were drawn by himself, and under supervision, by his brother. The atlas is unusual that he was not only the anatomist but the artist in many instances. The text was enlivened with surgical observations from which it is apparent that by September 1823, for example, he had performed a division of the maxillary division of the 5th nerve after it leaves the infra-orbital canal, for he gives precise instructions for performing the operation a few pages after describing other operations on the mandibular division.

Dimensions 54 × 39 cm


Plate 7


Edinburgh 1824

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