1870 Oceanica


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Original mid 19th century decorative map of Oceania taking in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands, Malaysia and Japan and the west coast of  North America, with an inset map of the Sandwich Islands.

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For over 50 years, Samuel Augustus Mitchell and his successors and son were one of the most prominent publishers of maps and atlases in the United States. Samuel Augustus Mitchell was born in Bristol, Connecticut on March 20, 1792.

Beginning in 1834, Mitchell began offering reduced sized Tourist Pocket Maps of a number of states in the United States. The map of the United States was done by steel engraving, one of the earliest uses of a steel engraving in map publishing in America. In the same year, the first edition of Mitchell’s Map of the United States, by J.H. Young was issued, bearing the copyright date of October10, 1831. This map would be revised and issued until 1844. Beginning in 1839, Mitchell also began publication of his school atlas. This work and variant editions for older and younger students, was issued by Mitchell and his successors from 1839 to 1886. Mitchell was neither a cartographer nor an engraver. His primary function was as the editor and business manager of his publishing company.

In 1845, Mitchell acquired the rights to Henry Schenk Tanner’s New Universal Atlas from Carey & Hart, which had previously acquired the copyright from Tanner and published editions of 1843 and 1844. Mitchell changed many of the maps and issued two editions of the atlas in 1846. He changed the copperplates to lithography, utilizing Peter S. Duval in Philadelphia to produce the stones. Mitchell re-issued the atlas at least annually until 1850.

In 1860, Mitchell’s son Samuel Augustus Mitchell Jr. began issuing Mitchell’s New General Atlas. While his father had continued to issue wall maps and other works, this appears to be his son’s first entry into the trade. The New General Atlas was issued by SA Mitchell Jr. until 1887. From 1880 to 1887, Bradley & Company published the atlas. Various other minor publishers, including A.R. Keller, produced editions as late as 1894.

Dimensions 34 × 27 cm
Dimensions with Mount

52 x 45cm

Map Maker

MITCHELL, Samuel Augustus Jr


Pennsylvania, USA 1870


Excellent condition with original hand colouring

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