1704 MORTIER, Pierre Milano, Italy


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PIERRE MORTIER (1661 -1711) and his brother David, were of French extraction. They built up an extensive publishing business in Amsterdam embracing French and English works as well as Dutch. Pierre was probably trained in the bookselling business in Paris, while David spent many years in England and in fact died there in 1728. After Pierre’s death, his widow continued until Pierre’s son, Cornelis (1699-1783), was able to take over. In 1721,Cornelis entered into partnership with his brother-in-law, Johannes Covens (1697-1774), to form the famous name COVENS AND MORTIER, a firm which continued in being with slight change of name until 1862. Their prolific Output over the years included reissues of general atlases by Sanson, Jaillot, Delisle, Visscher, de Wit (whose stock they acquired) and others (often with re-engraved maps), atlases of particular countries including Germany, England and Scotland and others in Europe, pocket atlases, town plans and, from about 1730 a series under the title Nieuwe Atlas, some consisting of as many as 900 maps by various cartographers and publishers. As there is no conformity about these volumes they were presumably made up to special order and only general details of publication can be quoted in a work of this size. Johannes Blaeu published during his life three town books of Italy: Citta del Vaticano, Roma and Napoli. The fire of 1672 largely destroyedthe maion Blaeu workshop in Gravenstraat, Amsterdam and much of the prepared material. Blaeu died the following year however work on the town-books continued, and in 1682 the completed work was published in Amsterdam by his heirs. The town book was a great success and reissued several times by different publishers. In 1695 Mortier acquired all the plates when the Blaeu firm finally closed. The plates were resigned to reflect this: a Amsterdam chez Pierre Mortier. This map probably from another earlier atlas Atlas Nouveau, published at about the same time.

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Territoire de Pavia, Lodi, Novarra, Tortona, Alessandria et altri vicini dello Stato de Milano



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Original outline colour, some slight toning. Trimmed to border right hand side, otherwise good margins all round.

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