1670 Visscher, Nicolaes Westphalici – Germany


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Claes Jansz. Visscher (1587-1652), Nicolaes Visscher I (1618-1679), Nicolaes Visscher II (1649-1702). The Visscher family were for nearly a century an important family in art and map publishing in Amsterdam. The founder, Claes, had premises near to those of Pieter van den Keere and Jodocus Hondius, whose pupil he may have been. From 1620 he designed a number of individual maps but his first atlas consisted maps printed from plates bought from Van den Keere and issued as they stood with slight additions including historical scenes of battles and sieges from which he had a high reputation. Some maps bear the latinised form of the family name, Piscator. After Claes’s death his son and grandson continued the business issuing a considerable amount of Atlases, constantly revised and brought up to date. The widow of Nicolaes Visscher II carried on the business until it finally passed into the hands of Pieter Schenk.

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Totius Circuli Westphalici accurata descriptio… Northern Germany including part of the Netherlands and Belguim showing Arnhem to the east, Hamburg to the west, the North Sea to the north, Maastricht to the southwest and Eisenach to the southeast.



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Wide margins top and slightly reduced to the sides and bottom. Good condition otherwise. Laid down on contemporaneous paper. Modern hand colouring.

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