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Pieter Schenk (1660-1718) was born in Germany but settled in Amsterdam where he bacame a pupil of Gerard Valck (1651-1726), the engraver. In 1687 he married Valck’s sister and thereafter the Schenk and Valck families were active together over a long period. They had a wide range of business interests as print sellers, publishers of books, maps, topographical and architectural drawings and globe makers. Although the Schenk family produced some original maps, most of their atlases consisted of revised works and re-worked plates by Jansson, Visscher and Sanson. Pieter Schenk II (1698-1775) continued on his father’s business and published a number of new atlases, still compiled from the plates that Valck and Schenk had purchased and re-worked. This map taken from Schenk II atlas titled Neuer Sdschischer Atlas with Nunc apud Petrum Schenk Junior in script under the legend.

Dimensions 56.5 × 43.5 cm
Map Maker


Europe encompassing Netherlands, Poland and Slovenia to the East. Northern Italy and Switzerland to the South



Date Published



Map is trimmed at top to the margin, atthe bottom into the scale and close to the margins left and right. Two slight stains to top of the map otherwise in good condition.

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