1779 Southern Hemisphere


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Original hand coloured copperplate engraved map showing an Antarctic Polar view of the Southern Hemisphere after Dutch, English and French discoveries.

The map charts Cook’s first two voyages in 1768 and 1771 and Bougainville’s in 1766 – 1769. Australia and New Zealand are shown according to Cook’s discoveries. The map was published in Zatta’s Atlante Novissimo which extended to four volumes and was published between the years 1774 to 1785.

Tasmania is shown joined to mainland Australia, named Nuova Olanda. The east coast is named N’a Galles Meridionale.

Cook’s discoveries in Australia, New Zealand and the Antarctica had far- reaching influences in the European world. French, German and Italian cartographers were quick to incorporate Cook’s discoveries on their maps. In Italy, mapmakers Antonio Zatta, Giovanni Cassini and Remondini all published atlases showing those discoveries within a few years of Cook’s own journals being published in 1773. Zatta’s map, published in his Atlante Novissim,o was based on Cook’s own hemisphere map. Zatta’s was the first Italian atlas to detail Cook’s exploits, with this particular map being published in 1779.

Dimensions 43 × 34 cm
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Emisfero Terrestre Meridionale. Tagliato su L’Equatore. Venezia MDCCLXXIX Presso Antonio Zatta con privilegio dell’ Eccmo Senato.
G.Zuliani inc. G Pitteri scr.


Atlante Novissimo


Venice 1779


Excellent condition. Large margins with fold in centre as expected.

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