1876 South Australia to Western Australia – Giles – FRAMED


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Exploration map detailing the tracks taken by Ernest Giles from Beltana Station via Port Augusta in South Australia to Perth through the Great Victoria Desert.

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The route is coloured in original outline colouring. There are wonderful descriptive comments along the routes.

Although forestalled by P. E. Warburton and John Forrest, Giles succeeded in his cherished aim of making an overland crossing from South to Western Australia in 1875. Equipped with camels by Thomas Elder, he set out from Beltana and went for supplies to Port Augusta. He travelled from Port Augusta north-west and then west along a string of waterholes, Wynbring, Ooldea, Ooldabinna and Boundary Dam, until he reached the Western Australian border. He then risked a 312-mile (502 km) marathon across the Great Victoria Desert before discovering the Queen Victoria Springs; from there he was able to complete his journey to Perth in fairly easy stages. On the return trip in 1876 he went north to the Murchison and Ashburton Rivers, crossed Gibson’s Desert and reached the Rawlinson Ranges where he had been held up in 1874. He thus achieved a double crossing of the western half of the Australian continent.

Although Giles found little good country, his expeditions added substantially to the knowledge of central Australia. He published Geographic Travels in Central Australia from 1872 to 1874 (Melbourne, 1875), The Journal of a Forgotten Expedition (Adelaide, 1880) and a full account of his journeys in two volumes, Australia Twice Traversed (London, 1889). For his explorations he was made a knight of the crown of Italy, honorary member of several Continental societies and in 1880 fellow and gold medallist of the Royal Geographical Society, London. The South Australian government granted him £250 for each of his expeditions in 1872 and 1874 and a lease of some 2000 square miles (5180 km²) in the Northern Territory after 1876 but he was refused official appointment because, as Governor Jervois claimed on 11 October 1881, ‘I am informed that he gambles and that his habits are not always strictly sober’. Giles was a land classifier in the Western District of Victoria in 1877-79, briefly revisited the Musgrave Ranges in 1882, represented a prospecting company he had formed in the Kimberleys in the 1890s and joined the rush to Coolgardie. There he became a clerk in the Warden’s office and on 13 November 1897 died of bronchial pneumonia.

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John Murray. Royal Geographical Society

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London 1876


Excellent condition. County Borough of Grimsby Public Library Stamp bottom left. The route is marked in original outline colouring.

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