1968 Swan Valley, Roma – Wine Growing FRAMED


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Original vintage map of Wine Districts in Western Australia and Queensland presented in fabulous retro-style angled frame

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Of special note is Swanville (established in 1913) which along with Santa Rosa (Valencia) and Houghton were the three large scale wineries which pioneered the winemaking industry in the Swan Valley, specialising in fortified and dessert wines.

These fascinating pictorial maps accompanied the doyen of wine writers, Andre Simon’s iconic work, The Wines Vineyards and Vignerons of Australia. 

The work explored the history of winemaking in Australia and showcased the contemporary wine industry of the day.

Fabulous fun and a great addition to anyone’s cellar.

Dimensions 26 × 19 cm
Dimensions with Frame

48 x 41cm


Andre Simon


The Wine Vineyards and Vignerons of Australia


London and Sydney 1968

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