1886 SANDS – Australia


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Late 19th century map of Australia. Note the naming of part of the Northern Territory as Alexandra Land.

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In 1862, John McDoual Stuart succeeded in traversing Central Australia from south to north. His expedition mapped out the route which was later followed by the Australian Overland Telegraph Line. Stuart wanted the newly discovered region to be called “Alexandra Land”, in honour of The Princess of Wales. The name was gazzetted in 1865 applying to the portion South of 16°S of what is now the Northern Territory. For some time, Northern Territory including Arnhem Land referred only to the region north of that line. The name Alexandra Land fell out of use a few years later.

The complete work contains over one hundred maps and full descriptive geography of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia, together with numerous illustrations and copious indices. This is the first large scale atlas of the continent issued in Australia. It was edited by Robert McLean, Department of Survey, New South Wales.

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