1955 Australia – Vegetation Regions


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Vintage original colour printed Vegetation Regions map of Australia with key showing Native Vegetation types and localities.

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The map was taken from the Atlas of Australian Resources prepared and published by the Resources Information and Development Branch, Department of National Development Canberra 1967 and printed by the Commonwealth Government Printer, Canberra

This map sheet was prepared under the direction of the editor of the Atlas T W Plumb, of the Geographic Section, Resources Information and Development Branch. The main phases of the work were carried out by the following: The original compilation of this map was contributed by I R McLeod, Geological Branch, Bureau of Mineral Resources, Geology and Geophysics, assisted by Y Mietzitis and Christin Nicols of the Bureau and Margert J McLennan, Geographic Section. Design by the Geographic Section, Resources Information and Development Branch in conjunction with the former. The compilation on the Atlas’s topographic base and plate making was provided by the Division of National Mapping.

The Atlas of Australian Resources  was prepared and published by The Department of National Development and issued under the Authority of the Minster for National Development the Hon David Fairburn DFC MP and comprised of Thirty Map Sheets with relevant information on the back of each one. The First Series of maps was published between 1952 and 1960 and the Second Series with revised information was published from 1962 to 1966.

The First Series, which was also included in the later 1966 edition, (the maps were not updated) also had maps illustrating the following: Physical Features, Climatic Regions, Temperatures, Rainfall, Drainage Systems, Conservation of Surface Water, Vegetation Regions, Dominant Land Use, Croplands, Agricultural Production, Distribution of Stock, Mineral Industry, Power & Fuel, Manufacturing, Population Density & Distribution, Railways, Roads, Ports & Shipping, Educational Facilities, Health Services, State and Local Government Areas and Mayor Development Projects

The Second Series of the Atlas retained all the maps of the First Series and included as before, the following maps with updated information, Geology, Mineral Deposits, Surface Water Resources, Underground Water, Soils, Crop Production, Sheep & Wool, Forest Resources, Fish & Fisheries, Fuels, Electricity, Population Distribution & Growth, Immigration and Roads & Aerodromes


Dimensions 75 × 72 cm
Map Maker


Department of National Development

Date Published

Canberra 1955


Excellent condition. Fold in centre as per nornal.

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