1893 Bayley’s Reward – Coolgardie – Western Australia


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Early photographic views of Bayley’s Reward at Coolgardie 13 months after the find by Bayley and Ford in 1892 with additional hand drawn vignettes

Extremely rare antique print titled Views on Coolgardie Gold-Field from photographs lent by Sylvester Browne to The Australasian.

Coolgardie is about 115 miles east of Southern Cross and 350 miles from Perth. The township is laid out in four main through-fares – 200ft wide – Bayley, Sylvester, Lindsay and Woodward streets. These are intersected at right angles by Lyon, Jobson, Lefroy, Hunt, ford, and Renou streets. There are two large reserves in the centre of the town, one 2446ft by 515ft, on which are erected the town hall, post office, &c., and the other 1000 ft by 515 ft, the property of the town council. Park reserves are to the east of the town and the cemetery beyond them again. In the left of the foreground of the picture are the condensers, warden’s reserve, water supplies and stores. The Wealth of Nations mine is north-north west; The Londonderry, 11 ½ miles south and Bayley’s Reward mine close to the town on the west.

Dimensions 44 × 29 cm
Dimensions with Mount

61 x 46cm


The Australasian

Date Published

August 5th 1893


Excellent Condition

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