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The front page of the edition of 28 February 1857 featured an engraving of the small West Australian country town of York, attributed to Captain Edmund Yeamans Walcott Henderson. Henderson also did a number of other drawings of the Colony, including Fremantle and King George Sound.

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A commentator said at the time: “Hence to York, the chief settlement over the Darling Hills, is fifty miles east, and to Toodyay, forty miles north-east; and of course to keep in proper repair such long lines of communication, which are only now emerging from their primitive condition of bush tracks, requires a large supply of labour. York and Toodyay are at present the principal corn-producing districts of the colony, although a considerable breadth of the land in the southern districts, near Bunbury, has been within the last few years brought under cultivation, and produces excellent crops of corn.

York is presently situated in the rich valley of the Avon, and thence the farms and stations extend still fifty miles further. The high land at the back of the town of York, which appears in the Sketch (engraved upon the first page of the present Number) is known as Mount Bakewell, or more familiarly as “old Bakewell”; the inhabitants of York being justly proud of their handsome friend.”

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