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While a student at Harvard Medical School, Boston, in 1896, Walter B Cannon (1871-1945), used newly discovered x-rays and opaque meals to study activities of digestive organs in animals. Prof. Cannon’s lifetime of research on physiologiprocesses contributed much new knowledge to medicine. This original coloured print is taken from a series of forty five images depicting the History of Medicine presented by the Parke Davis & Company. The work was directed by George Bender and the illustrations were taken from a series of paintings by Robert Thom. Each individual plate comes with detailed background information and is presented with the image. Robert Thom (1915-1979) was an award-winning American painter and historian who specialized in the portrayal of historical scenes. He is perhaps best known for his series of forty paintings depicting the History of Pharmacy, and this series of forty-five paintings depicting the History of Medicine; both commissioned by Parke-Davis.

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Walter B Cannon: PhysiologiInvestigator


USA, Parke, Davis & Company

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