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This original pochoir print by Eugene Alain Seguy and was published in Paris 1930. Seguy produced eleven albums of exquisite illustrations and designs from the turn of the century to the 1930s, and his style reflected the influences of both Art Nouveau and Art Deco.His various colour portfolios of visual ideas for artists and designers featured motifs based on the natural world, including flowers, foliage, crystals and animals and insects and butterflies. Although his compositions were design oriented, he made the depictions scientifically accurate. His later works showed an increased interest in geometric and cubist designs.The prints in the portfolios were produced using the pochoir technique characterized by rich, intense color.This printing process, utilized in the early 20th century for high quality prints, involved applying each colour to each plate with a number of stencils, the precursor to the modern technique of screen printing which artists use today. Seguy’s creative process can be heard in his foreword to another of his works Insectes.He asserted that apart from butterflies, insects had been overlooked by artists and designers. His goal was to awaken interest in the natural designs of insects – a repertoire of forms and of colors of a sumptuous richness and a surprising variety — by presenting accurate depictions of colorful exotic insect species unfamiliar to most Europeans. He posited that the modern sensibility, attuned to the beauty of a well-designed machine, might be prepared to appreciate insects as mechanical marvels in which the parts fit together with a precision, a harmony and an intelligence that emerges as soon as one looks through a magnifying glass. The plates were intended to make imagery available to designers who otherwise lacked access to the primary source material. He laboriously sorted through natural history collections containing vast numbers of specimens and used rare scientific publications as his source of reference.

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