1913 Spearwood Townsite Estate


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Rare original colour lithographed sales map of the Spearwood Townsite Estate with inset Locality Sketch, auctioned for sale on Saturday September 20th 1913 at 8pm at the Literary Institute Hall South Terrace Fremantle by Learmonth Duff & Co of 35 Henry Street Fremantle



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The auction of this Estate was advertised in the West Australian on September 20th 1913, to coincide with the evening Auction. Little did they know that the First World War erupt the following year. The advertisement read:

Fremantle’s coming New Suburb

Magnificent Residential and Business Sites

Adjoining Spearwood Railway Station

Centre of the most thriving District around Fremantle

Water Supply. Macadamised Roads

Post Office Site on Estate. (to be handed over to the Postal Department)

School Site just purchased by the Education Dept within a stone’s throw of this Estate

No Absurd Reserves

Get in at the birth of this new suburb and reap the reward of a splendid profit in a few months

Its an absolute fact that the Buyers at the original sale of the Spearwood Estate have been re-selling at a profit of 500%

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Perth 1913




Some wear and tear on folds with original pencil remarks on plan.


The Surveyors were Crossland & Hardy of St Georges Terrace Perth and the local agent was P H Hawkes & Co Spearwood.
Terms were Three pound deposit and the balance over 18 months by Promissory Notes with no interest.

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