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Exploration map detailing the tracks taken by John Forrest on his exploration east of Champion Bay to the Overland Telegraph taken from John Forrests Exploration of Australia published in London 1875 by Sampson Low.John Forrest was born near Bunbury, Western Australia in 1847.In 1865 he entered the Survey Dept of Western Australia.Forrest began his first expedition as Government Surveyor in 1869, at the age of twenty-one, setting out from Perth in search of traces of Leichhardt. The expedition ascertained that rumours which referred to a party of white men being slain by local Aborigines twenty years before did not relate to Leichhardt’s party but to Robert Austin’s expedition. Forrest went on to the east of Lake Barlee to Mount Weld before returning to Perth.On Forrest’s return another expedition in search of Leichhardt was mooted – this time to travel from the Murchison River to Carpentaria. However lack of funds prevented so extensive an expedition, and instead it was proposed that Forrest cross from Perth to Adelaide, around the Great Australian Bight, in search of farming land. By taking the coastal route, the crossing was achieved by Forrest in an extraordinary five months. This feat, which had taken Eyre over twelve months to complete, is a testament to Forrest’s formidable abilities as an explorer and professional surveyor, and to that of his brother Alexander who was his second-in-command.The success of Forrest’s first two expeditions spurred him on in 1874 to take on the last great challenge of Australian inland exploration to ascertain the nature of the interior by crossing the continent from Perth to the Telegraph Line which ran between Darwin and Adelaide. Again Forrest triumphed and firmly established his reputation as one of the great Australian explorers of the western interior. Forrest later became premier of Western Australia and first Baron Forrest of Bunbury.

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Map Showing the route of the West Australian Exploring Expedition through the centre of Australia.From Champion Bay on the West coast to the Overland Telegraph Line between Adelaide and Port Darwin Commanded by John Forrest FRGS 1874



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