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Decorative map of South West of Australia from just north of Champion Bay to Doubtful Island Bay in the south.Small vignettes throughout, showing ships at anchor near Fremantle, drovers on horseback, sheep shearing, a group of aborigines, Perth from Mt Eliza, and a view between Perth and Fremantle.The firm of TallisCompany flourished from 1835 to 1860 with varying imprints.Their Illustrated Atlas of 1850-51 was one of the last decorative atlases, all the maps being engraved on steel and all adorned with small vignette views.It was published in parts at 1 shilling or 25US cents, with text by Montgomery Martin.The same maps appeared in the British Colonies in 1854.1835L. Tallis 3 Jewin Street, City1835John Tallis, 15 St Johns Lane, Smithfield1835-48TallisCo., Green Arbour Court, Old Bailey(1850)JF Tallis, London, EdinburghDublin(1851)John TallisCo, LondonNew York97100 St John Street, London40 John St, New YorkSome time after 1860, Talliss maps were issued by The London Printing and Publishing Company London and New York.

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Western Australia. Swan River. The Illustrations by A. H WrayEngraved by W. Lacey The Map DrawnEngraved by J. Rapkin, John TallisCompany LondonNew York


London, New York

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