1747 Bellin, Jacques Nicolas Carte Reduite de l’Ocean Oriental


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Original copper engraved map by Jacque Bellin showing the Indian Ocean from Western Australia to Africa in the south and the Red Sea to Taiwan in the north. The map is crossed by a series of rhumb lines and features a decorative cartouche in the upper left.

This is the earlier of Bellin’s small format maps engraved for publication in L’Histoire Generale des Voyages 1747-1761 of the Indian Ocean. He names Baye des Chiens Marins, recognising Dampier’s 1699 landing and naming of Sharks Bay; and to the south, I des Filles. Triall Islands and Cocos and Christmas Island are prominent.                                                                                      The coastal routes of Dutch shipping along the African, Asian and Indian coasts are well shown and the Latitude from land and sea are annotated as are the observation points of celestial latitude and longitude.

Dimensions 49 × 37 cm
Map Maker


Paris 1747


Copper plate engraving


Fine condition with faint creases on folds as normal and wide margins

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